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Turbine Technology Services Corporation (a TTS Enterprises company) provides gas turbine technology expertise and turbine engineering and construction services worldwide. The company's experience and ability to provide technical solutions has led to the successful management of numerous gas turbine installations and modernization projects, and the provision of innovative and unique engineering solutions to gas turbine customers.

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Our services are supported by our longevity, experience and knowledge of solutions leading to the successful management of gas turbine installation and modernization projects, and the servicing of control components, combustion and dynamic tuning for clients' power plants anywhere our services are needed to maintain operational excellence. We know gas turbines and have an outstanding track record in the global power generation industry.   Our vision is to be recognized as the global engineering leader in gas turbine technology consulting services by continuing to achieve performance excellence, outstanding customer satisfaction and project success. As a premier OEM alternative in the gas turbine industry, we will continue to focus on delivering agile, responsive and creative solutions that motivate the results our clients demand and expect from a power plant industry leader.   Through our knowledge of gas turbines, experience in engineering projects and company longevity, Turbine Technology Services Corporation and its global team of engineering professionals effectively offer the most complete set of skills, reliability, response leadership and international reach to meet the needs of the power plant industry by providing cost-effective, cutting-edge engineering solutions for private and government clients who need to install a gas turbine or maintain mature equipment to extend its operational lifetime.

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Our Corporation provides gas turbine technology leadership and engineering consulting services on a global scale, supported by our longevity, experience, agility and knowledge to help our clients in the power generation industry maintain their operational excellence.
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Our company has people who have worked for all the major OEM's that add up to hundreds of years of OEM experience. Let us put that experience to work for you. We are more cost effective than the OEM and we can move more quickly.
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We can go anywhere in the world in very short notice. We have years of experience in operations and logistics on many countries on nearly every continent. If you need it done anywhere in the world and done right now, we're your company.
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Our engineers can recommend and design
the right solution to fit your needs and budget. We won't try to sell you something you don't need or out of budget like the OEM does. We listen to you.
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TTS offers advanced engineering leadership and services to optimize performance and help our clients achieve their goals. Contact us to learn more about our optimization services.

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