Seminar Aims at Increasing Knowledge About Impact of Changes in Fuel Composition on Power Plant Operation

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Power generation professionals from Korea among the first to experience seminar by Turbine Technology Services Corporation

Turbine Technology Services Corporation (TTS), a full-service gas turbine engineering services firm based in Orlando, Florida, has just completed a seminar for power generation professionals on the impact of changes in composition of liquefied natural gas on the operation and maintenance of gas turbine engines—particularly those in use in power plants.

As part of its strategy for providing industry-leading consulting services to gas turbine users, TTS is engaging power generation professionals across the globe to to increase their specialized knowledge and support their power plant management efforts.

Liquefied natural gas, which is best known by its acronym ‘LNG’, is a widely used fuel. It is used in the power generation industry to fuel gas and steam turbines in operation at energy companies across the globe.

The latest TTS seminar was a dedicated session for the Korea Gas Corporation (KOGAS) and its principal customers with gas turbine power plants and was held next to TTS’ new Orlando offices at Central Florida Research Park—dedicating considerable time to reviewing the impact of changes in fuel composition on unit emissions performance.

KOGAS distributes LNG to customers within Korea and the company contracted TTS to develop a seminar that could address its customers’ questions on the impact of proposed changes in the composition of the LNG, on the operation of their gas turbines.

“KOGAS selected Turbine Tech to provide this dedicated seminar based on our unique capabilities and expertise in the area of fuel and combustion system engineering and design,” said Pat Begley, Vice President of Sales for Asia, the Middle East and Africa. “Future seminars will be scheduled at our Orlando office or at client locations to help them enhance their knowledge about gas turbine fuel and combustion systems.”

Topics covered at TTS’ LNG seminar focused on the impact of the proposed gas composition changes on gas turbine performance—including output and efficiency—on both older gas turbines with diffusion style combustion systems and newer units with modern low NOx systems.

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