Florida Power Engineering Firm Has Global Impact in Energy Industry

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Turbine Technology Services Corporation’s President to Speak at Power & Electricity World in Africa

Thornton, a veteran of the power generation industry, will be addressing a diverse audience of power engineers, government officials and developers from African nations to present solutions for the rapidly changing needs of the African energy market.

Residential and industrial consumers inAfricahave long been affected by power outages and TTS has been elemental in managing relocation projects to respond to their need for immediate equipment availability and quick power delivery.

Aging power plants and energy generation facilities throughout the African continent have created a strong market for gas turbine modernization and reapplication projects—both core services of TTS, which has a strong reputation as an OEM-alternative engineering company.

“The African energy market is highly dynamic, often driven by quickly changing social and economic requirements,” said Tony, “While other companies are only now beginning to see the opportunity, TTS has been actively working on reapplication projects in African power plants for more than 20 years.”

Mr. Thornton is directly responsible for all aspects of growth and operations in the company’s international power generation and energy markets and TTS’ quick delivery of reapplied gas turbine equipment—coupled with its ability to operate on a wide flexibility of fuels—makes TTS an important element of the solution toAfrica’s power issues.

The Power & Electricity World conference will be held from March 28 through April 1st, 2011 at the Sandton Convention Centre in Johannesburg, South Africaand full details are available at http://www.terrapinn.com/exhibition/power-and-electricity-world-africa.

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Turbine Technology Services Corporation provides gas turbine technology leadership and engineering consulting services on a global scale. TTS leverages its extensive gas turbine operating, maintenance and engineering experience to successfully manage gas turbine installation and modernization projects, and to provide specialized service and engineering support for clients’ power plants anywhere these services are needed to maintain operational excellence.

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