TTS Completes Control System Modernization Project in Mexico

TTS has recently installed and successfully commissioned a new TMS-1000 gas turbine control system on two MS5001 gas turbine generators at a steel mill in Monclova, Mexico.  With this upgrade the original OEM gas turbine control system was replaced with a new digital PLC based control system.  As part of the upgrade the hydraulic gas fuel control valves were replaced with new high-speed ElectroFlo® Electronic fuel valves thereby eliminating the need for maintenance intensive hydraulic servos resulting in better fuel scheduling to the turbines. … [Read More]

TTS Awarded Total Plant Modernization Project in Costa Rica

TTS has been awarded a complete plant automation and electrical modernization project for a gas turbine power plant in the Puntarenas region of Costa Rica.  TTS will replace both the turbine and generator control systems on the plants’ gas turbine generators. In addition, TTS will design and build a state-of-the-art central control room with remote access and monitoring capability.  To complete the project, TTS will replace most of the motor control centers, cabling and wiring throughout the plant. … [Read More]

TTS Awarded Multiple Gas Turbine Control System Upgrades in South America

Through their strategic partner, Capime Ingenieria S.A., TTS has been awarded multiple gas turbine control system upgrades on multiple turbine platforms throughout South America.  Since mid-2007 TTS has provided and successfully commissioned new TMS-1000 control systems on MS5001 and LM2500 gas turbine generators replacing the existing OEM control systems.  In addition TTS have designed and built six more control systems slated for commissioning on barge-mounted gas turbines located in Amazonas State, Brazil later in 2008. … [Read More]

Turbine Technology Services Corporation (TTS) Forms Professional Consulting Design

In response to the changing needs and economic demands facing all businesses in the power generation industry, TTS has announced the creation of a division solely focused on professional consulting services. This division will provide high-quality consulting services to organizations as diverse as legal firms, insurance corporations, developers, IPPs, regulated utilities, financial institutions, and any other corporations seeking to derive higher value from their involvement in the power industry. … [Read More]

Turbine Technology Services Announces License Agreement with Control Center LLC for Manufacture and Marketing of the TTS ElectroFlo® Control Valve

TTS has signed a licensing and cooperative agreement with Control Center LLC (CCLLC) for the manufacture and marketing of the TTS ElectroFlo® control valve. Under the agreement, both TTS and CCLLC will market the valve to the turbomachinery market, with all valves being built and tested at the CCLLC facility in Orlando. … [Read More]